After a decade of open office critique, Covid forced a solution; our desks came home. 

Now employers must provide something new: a destination.


People need places to go, not desks in a row.

Why Us?

Long before we started Spaces Of, we were working hard to keep original reality compelling, most recently as the founders and creative leadership of Airbnb Environments (2014–2020). The team was the first of its kind in any modern corporation, an in-house architectural group that designed workspace, event space, and 'physical product', instead of merely project-managing its creation.

The power of an in-house architecture group was not just a deep understanding of the brand but a direct connection to users. We learned how to link observations & data to designs while bringing all stakeholders into the process. The resultant spaces were received as a welcome evolution and never a foreign threat.

Aaron Taylor Harvey

Aaron Taylor Harvey is a partner and Creative Director at Spaces Of.

Aaron has been a songwriter, a comic book artist, a filmmaker, a sound engineer, a professor, and an architectural designer. It is the summation of these experiences that he brings to his current role as Creative Director of Spaces Of.

As the ECD of Environments at Airbnb, Aaron honed his capacity to shape others’ output along the wide-open-yet highly directional-path of creative iteration required to make great space. This mode of working with partner architecture firms allowed him to lead design on over 30 projects, most of which were built, in his seven years at Airbnb.


Leila Khosrovi

Leila Khosrovi is a partner and Director of Operations at Spaces Of. Her work synthesizes the moment when culture and community influence design.

As a program manager on the Airbnb Environments and Design Operations teams, Leila was responsible for the layered and joyful detail that brought each space to life. She oversaw multiple design programs that integrated local culture, brand ethos, and strong aesthetics into the offices globally. Most influential was the Employee Design Experience, a change-management, and culture-building program enacted through integrating employee participation in the design process.

Previous to Environments, Leila oversaw the activation of public space at PROXY, an experimental project in the Hayes Valley neighborhood of San Francisco, which brought together community, event, and design.



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